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Label Printing Unit

Our Flexo printing machines are efficient and are extremely popular for their robust construction and reliable performance. Our printing machines are vastly appreciated for their speedy operation, quality grade printing and ease of operation.

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Elastic Unit

Turjotex ltd produces the highest quality elastic products in Bangladesh. Our cutting edge machine is equipped to produce any & all kinds of elastics that you can think of.

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Thermal Sticker Printing Unit

Thermal printing also known as heat transfer printing is a strategy for printing that permits you to print a print onto a garment or an item. Thermal printing utilizes the course of intensity to move a picture made in wax to an article or piece of clothing. This printing technique is viable with pre-painted pictures on a wax sheet or can be utilized to make a picture by layering wax color onto an item.

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Twill Tape Unit

Small & Narrow Fabric is an important aspect in the current era of fashion trends. Thus, to serve the needs of the fashion market, we at Turjotex ltd produce the best various types of tapes while ensuring the best of the best quality.

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